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EYE CANS potential to be a unique fundraiser as well as in line with todays trends of environmental and social consciousness is both tremendous and vital. The power of art as a communicator can not be underestimated. EYE CANS can raise awareness and funds for numerous causes worldwide through imaginative means. I have been volunteering with local schools, art centers, numerous fundraisers as well as exhibiting and selling in various galleries. If your group or organization is interested in making EYE CAN art in an effort to fundraise and create a difference contact EYE CANS.



Exhibit and sell these EYE CANS to facilitate personal empowerment to the creator, and provide a voice to the cause. Money from the sales would go to provide education, medical supplies, water or numerous other fundamentals determent upon YOUR gallery's personal cause.


Let your customers know that you are consciously oriented to recycling, and helping others, as well as giving back to the communities worldwide that make much of your merchandise. Be part of this creative solution in combating poverty and its effects. Display and market these unique brightly decorated and creative EYE CANS. Money from the sales would go to provide education, medical supplies, food, water and numerous other fundamentals determent upon your business's cause or mission of choice. To get involved click on CONTACT.


Sponsor EYE CANS to assist you in fulfilling your mission of raising funds and awareness for the causes and plights worldwide that you are passionate about. As part of grassroots social change intention, EYE CANS are able to give a voice to those struggling, and to produce a strong emotional bond between the creators and the buyers. To find out more as to how EYE CANS may assist you, click on CONTACT.

GIVE A GIFT that keeps on giving...Purchase an EYE CAN ornament / art pieces and know that you are making a difference in this world when you do. Money generated from your purchase goes directly to being part of the solution. You take home the essence and voice of the being, culture, and/or cause it speaks for and you helped. This section is under construction and you will be able to buy Eye Cans online soon.


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