JoannE Court / Biography

From working as a Registered Nurse for the past 25 years and as a mother of 2 daughters, Joanne is aware of the vital effects a belief in ones self, and having HOPE have on ones well BEing. Joanne is at her best when given the opportunity to encourage and inspire those that are often holding on only to their faith. This is in part a reason as to why Joanne is uniquely qualified to be influential and able to excite vulnerable populations with their potential to make a difference in their lives. Joanne has devoted much of her "free time" to developing a concept she founded called EYE CANS. It is based on the notion that an individual CAN make a difference by either the creating or through the purchasing of this art made from a discarded aluminum can. EYE CANS is: ART WITH A VISION.

Joanne is dedicated to crafting this new viable way to empower, raise awareness and generate a positive cash flow for causes through connecting EYE CANS to outlets to distribute this art.