Welcome to Eye Cans

Inspired by my travels to where often poverty and tourism intersect, I frequently encountered indigenous people trying to make a living. In these same locations the abundance of litter sparked my personal interest in recycling. Hence these trips turned into a vision and mission to want to help create a difference in this world.

An aluminum cans ability for artful expression provides for art empowerment, economic development recycling, hope and joy.

The power of art as a communicator can not be underestimated. Art gives people a voice. EYE CANS are artistic keepsakes that are affordable and have a wide appeal. Therefore EYE CANS art has the potential to be a unique and successful fundraiser for nobel causes. EYE CANS are directly connected with todays trends of environmental and social consciousness. Those purchasing an EYE CAN have the satisfaction of supporting positive change and receive art of local authenticity and individual essence from their contribution.

Special thanks to J.K. Wenner for providing some of her photography on this website. No photos on this website may be used without permission.

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